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The most efficient system for convincing a drug addict to go to rehab (drug rehabilitation treatment programs) is to hold an intervention. If you are worried about someone close in your life, which has drastically changed as a result of substance addiction, an intervention may be the right starting point to get him or her help. Watching addicts suffer and fight is an agonizing process. If you’re a family member or close friend, you may ask yourself, “How can I help my family member get sober again?” and “What should I do to get my loved one help?” Friends and family members care deeply for the addicted person hooked on drugs; but it wears them down to the bone. Eventually, they have to say ‘no’ constantly. People shouldn’t be afraid of necessary confrontation: doubt won’t prevent family from taking the much needed action. Call Intervention Services San Francisco, CA at 415 349-7969 for information about interventions and how to coordinate one.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is a gathering that’s tremendously cathartic, and seeks to galvanize the addict towards entering a Rehab Intervention Services to treat their dependency issues. Family, friends, teachers, clergy, or other individuals who worry about the addict join forces to talk with the addict about the ramifications of his or her drug abuse, and encourage the person to seek drug addiction therapy. Most often, the drug addict will not see that there’s a drug issue at all. Other times, while in self-denial concerning their drug addiction, they simply refuse to seek assistance. The objective of an intervention stays true and basically presents the addicts with a second chance to make changes in their lives. Substance abusers want to save their lives. As the intervention progresses, it is very important to address key issues:

  • the addict’s unhealthy behavior, the way it negatively influences the addict and his or her family members
  • the therapy plan along with concise objectives and clear instructions that the addict should observe
  • what each participant will respond with if the addict won’t complete a therapy program of some kind

The four types of interventions are simple, crisis, classical, and family system:

  • A simple intervention is fundamentally just asking the troubled individual to stop their life-threatening drug habit. Before other, more nuanced intervention strategies are tried, a simple intervention must be pursued.
  • In dangerous and dicey situations, such as reckless driving, domestic violence, or severe addiction, it is recommended to use a crisis intervention.
  • Persuading a lone individual to agree on entering drug rehabilitation immediately is the main objective in a classical intervention.
  • Family system interventions center the intervention onto the entire family, and get them to stop their troubling behaviors. Since substance addiction and family violence usually arise from socially dysfunctional living environments, everyone involved needs help to rectify their destructive habits.

What Is the Difference between an Intervention and Therapy?

It is vital to take into account the differences between intervention and rehab; but, also remember that each step is required for a successful recovery. Intervention Center San Francisco considers intervention a meeting where friends and family convince another family member, close friend, or loved one to enter a drug rehabilitation facility.  Drug addicts will be able to beat their drug dependencies. Intervention is NOT the same thing as drug rehab, and may not be sufficient to influence the addict stop using drugs or alcohol. At rehab facilities like Alcoholic Rehab Services, the addict is initially taught about the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Afterwards, they find the best way to sustain long term recovery, and what triggers their need to use drugs. California Rehabilitation Programs seriously urges following up an intervention right away with a rehab treatment program, ideally on that same day.

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Standing by as a close acquaintance agonizes over drug abuse can be exasperating and horrifying. Most times, interventions are highly-organized events involving the collective efforts of friends and family, but it can be as relaxed as asking the person to quit his or her dysfunctional behavior. To find an interventionist, locate a rehabilitation program, or chat about addiction in general, contact Treatment Rehabilitation Addiction. In order to get a friend the assistance he or she so urgently has need for, call 415-349-7969 today!